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Vaccinations/bloods after double mastectomy


Re: Vaccinations/bloods after double mastectomy

Hi painted lady


That’s one big dilemma but I had a whole series of hormone injections (not b-c related) in my bum. There’s plenty of places to do it - the arm is just convenient because of the muscle density (so I was told). I don’t know about blood pressure - doubtless there’s new technology.


Best of luck with your next treatment. You really have been put through the mill x


Vaccinations/bloods after double mastectomy

Hello ladies, I had a Rx mastectomy, node clearance and LD flap and implant reconstruction 6 years ago. I’m having a second mastectomy and node clearance in 2 weeks time though just implant reconstruction this time. After the first one I was told not to have blood pressure or blood taken, or injections on that side because of risk of infection etc. I presume I’ll be told the same thing this time. My question is, what do I do? I think that in hospitals they can take blood from your foot or neck but for routine doctors appointments this isn’t possible. And then there’s flu jabs and travel vaccinations. I suppose worst case scenario is I just go ahead and keep my fingers crossed. Can any of you lovely ladies who are in this position give me any advice?