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Do I need buy hair wigs?


Re: Do I need buy hair wigs?

Hi Lily

Wearing a wig is a personal choice, just as some women choose to experiment with scarves and specially designed headwear. It can be an expensive purchase if you are half-hearted about wearing a wig - I wore mine probably 5 times in total. I hated the constriction and it itched without one of those skull-cappy things which made it even warmer so, if I was meeting friends, I might go out wearing it and suddenly whip it off in relief! I much preferred my cashmere beanies (which I already owned).

This time of year, you don't need such protection from the elements so it’s a matter of what do you want to present to the world? A shaved head can look amazing if it’s held high with a bright smile. I had a no 6 buzzcut quite early on as I hated the feel of hair sliding out and, though it was a bit scrappy by the end, it was still there and I preferred to be seen like that rather than in a wig. But I was aware that I made a few people uncomfortable (the starers) or pitying (the ‘brave’ comments) which I do regret because it got to me.

So, clear as mud. Do you buy a wig? If you’ve found one you love and can afford it, yes. If you enjoy freedom and comfort with summer coming (wear SPF50), and you are tough enough to withstand stares and comments, no. It’s your body and your choice 🙂

Good luck with the rest of your treatment. Take care,

Jan x PS. You will LOVE your soft hair when it starts regrowing - like stroking a puppy!


Do I need buy hair wigs?

Recently I found that I always lose my hair, and there are several places on my head without hair. Is it necessary to buy a wig now?

I have searched so many wig stores and I love this 99J hair so much in SuperNova hair store, but I've been wondering if I need a wig or not