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Running Through Treatment


Re: Running Through Treatment

Hello Emma, 

Thanks for sharing your experience. 

I am runner 🏃🏻‍♀️ as well and I was diagnosed in breast cancer 3 weeks ago. I am still waiting for my treatment but I am already thinking about my recovery time. How long does it take for you to run again after all? 


Keep strong 💪🏻 


thank you you so much 

Eva Xxx


Re: Running Through Treatment

This is fantastic and inspriational

Firstly well done and hope you are in better health now 

was your grade three treated with chemo? 


Re: Running Through Treatment

Thank for sharing and motivation

Community Champion

Re: Running Through Treatment

Hi Em, thank you for sharing your success and achievements with us. I’m sure your story will be inspirational to many on here. Good luck with your ultra marathon. Sounds tough to me! 🍀


Running Through Treatment

Hi all, 

My name is Emma and at 34 I was the fittest I'd been, had raised my long run endurance from 10K to half marathon and was training for the Great North Run. On 24th June 2018 I found a lump in my left breast...grade 3, type 3 cancer. I'm coming up to my canciversary (12th July) and wanted to share my blog details here...because, as hard as it was, I ran through treatment and on 13th July I will be doing my first Ultra marathon.

You can find me at BuildingEm.blog 

Thank you x