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Thought and told i had Breast cancer only


Re: Thought and told i had Breast cancer only


i would love to tell you something hopeful. I just don't know what to say other than that I feel for you.

i have had excellent care and treatment all in good time and while I have one boob left which is now more of a neusance I am one of the lucky ones. I would not want to patronise you or talk down to you.

i would like to become a pen pal if that would help you? We could talk about anything you want.

thinking of you




Thought and told i had Breast cancer only

Hi guys my story started 2017 when I found a massive lump in my right breast. I had it all checked out all the scans and prodding  and all the appointments. Sept 17 I had a port put in my chest as my veins are very thin. I felt ill I got rushed into hospital. They took the port out, only to find live bugs.....really.

That gave me an infection which caused me to have blood clots on my lungs so I had to inject into my tiny thin tummy for over 9 months every day.  I had to wait for that to clear before I had surgery. In Mar 2018 I had the breast removed and my lymph nodes too. That was horrible to wake up to. Not long after that i find out I had lung cancer, I dont know how I coped. Home for a couple weeks not doing to well. I went into a hospice for a couple of weeks Aug 18, I ended up with lymphedema in my right arm and hand and to today I still suffer from it. Only to find I had lung cancer again omg. That's was just too much I broke down. I had the surgery in Aug 19 and I am still recovering from the pains suffering and sickness and nausea   After visiting the lung surgeon he advised me he removed the cancer from the bottom of my lung but didnt get the top piece of cancer, he took out a good piece. Now I have to see my oncologist and have scans every 3 months. Just thought I would share my story