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After Kadcyla


Re: After Kadcyla


I have been diagnosed with mets earlier this year, primary was in 2015. I am still triple positive, a liver biopsy confirmed this, I have mets to liver, lung and hip. I am about to have last chemo next week and I am also having H&P Infusions also which will continue as maintenance every 3 weeks whilst its working (if it is, not had scan since this treatment). After seeing g my oncologist a few weeks ago I discussed with him future options and he said he already knows what he is offering me next but also there is another drug in the pipeline, sounded like it was just awaiting approval but he made it sound imminent, can't recall names of drugs, wish I had as wanted to research myself. He did say though and to quote 'with your subtype of BC we are embarrassingly rich in what we can offer as treatment compared to other types', so I came away from there feeling quite reassured. I have to say I do find it a mine field when it comes to treatments and what is suitable depending on your status etc...and one drug has different names and so on. I do know of someone who is 6.5 years on her first line of H&P and is currently NEAD.

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After Kadcyla

Hello Everyone, 

Just wondered if there is anyone out there ER+, PR+ and HER-2 positive (triple positive) who has had long term response to Herceptin and Perjeta taken together or Kadcyla taken on its own?

I have nowhere to go after Kadcyla and dread it not working. I think, unless I'm wrong, those ER+, PR+, and who are HER-2 negative have more drugs to play with. I can't have the Ibrances or the Faslodexes. It seems also that not everyone is granted more chemo after Kadcyla. 

I know there are in theory, trials but my Consultant says I can't register (even if I'm right for them) until I'm at the end of the line and it's proven that all drug combinations have failed. 


I cannot find any statistics on the average time Herceptin and Perjeta taken in conjunction and Kadcyla taken on its own might work.

I do know someone with SBC who is responding still to Kadcyla six years down the line but I think she must be very much the exception - and her spread is only in the lungs, nowhere else.

I only see my Consultant now and again and she is always so rushed there's no time to ask questions and the BCN only quotes the Google statistics on SBC survival rates. 

Hope to hear from you and thanks in advance. 


Angel Eyes