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Ct scan


Re: Ct scan

Hi, my veins are shot too. I had a ct and the flush wouldn't go through so my arm blew up like a balloon. Scared the pants off the radiographer, it was a touch painful but like you say, more concerned about the dye. Hope all goes well. ☺


Re: Ct scan

Hallo Ladies


I had a Power Port fitted a couple of months ago following diagnosis of mets and had it used today for a CT with contrast scan for the first time. None of the staff in the CT unit knew how to access it but thankfully the hospital were aware of that when the appointment was booked and I had a member of the vascular access team fit the attachment and then she came with me for the scan, waited to remove it and flushed it through afterwards. I had a portocath inserted back in 2014 at 2nd diagnosis of BC as I'd had total lymph clearance and it proved to be a pretty much painless way of having bloods taken and chemo infusions. I'd thoroughly recommend one although I do agree that there needs to be more training of staff to be able to access it with confidence !

Now I just need to learn how to deal with my "scanxiety" waiting for the results !!!!


Gill x


Community Champion

Re: Ct scan


I have awful veins in my 'good' arm after having good old FEC in 2008. I had a portacath fitted about 5 years ago and bloods can be taken from that as well as chemo being able to be given through it.  Some ports (known as power ports) can have the contrast dye delivered to them but worryingly (in my hospital at least) half the staff in other departs are not trained to use them!  Pretty stupid really.  Might be worth finding out more about them if hunt the vein becomes a big problem.

Nicky x


Re: Ct scan

Hi mummy , yes am exactly the same restricted to one arm .last time I had bloods taken from my foot , as veins terrible.Havin scan with dye in a couple of weeks .Each time it takes an hour to just get dye in , very doubtful they will be able to do it this time x

Ct scan

Hi everyone, I have my ct scan tomorrow, that's fine but they always have a problem getting the cannula in my right arm, as can't use the left, ...

previously I had to go to the cancer ward, and the nurses there couldn't get a cannula in either...

so I have the ct scan without the dye last time...

anyone else have bad veins from chemo ?   Mine are awful now.

always worries me that they can't see  the cancer areas properly without the dye put in...


thanks for listening