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Info on Eribulin Chemo Needed!!


Re: Info on Eribulin Chemo Needed!!

Hi Shelley, 

I'm also starting eribulin tomorrow.  I'm triple neg, with mets in lungs, pleura, bones and liver and have been on a drugs trial -tablets, which kept it all stable except for my liver mets so had to stop after 4 cycles. I have  had  chemo infusion before, docetaxel  but I'm told eribulin is not as harsh -lets hope so! I dont  mind infusions as I have a portacath which makes it easy  but I hate blood tests and it looks like that's every week, so another purple arm  -( my portacath doesn't bleed back so  cant be used for bloods.) I should have started last week but had a weeks antibiotics instead though it also gave my covid jab time to settle in. 

So I will be  thinking of you this week and hoping it all goes well - do let us know.

Pam x


Re: Info on Eribulin Chemo Needed!!

Hi Shelley

If you look in the Treatments section you will see a thread called Chemo buddy needed for eribulin which I have bumped up for you. There's a lot of info on it. Not sure how many people are on eribulin at the moment. I posted quite a few times on this thread.

I had 23 cycles of eribulin in 2018/19. Diagnosed in Dec 2012, bone and liver mets. Worked my way through 3 hormone therapies, 2 targeted therapies and 6 chemo treatments, Goselerin and Denosumab (still on this one). I found eribulin to be ok for me, quick to administer, no nausea, peripheral neuropathy in fingers and toes and lower legs (wasn't pleasant!) & my hair only thinned rather than complete loss (a bonus, as I have lost it 4 times in 8 years & now boast a collection of 7 wigs!!).   

Obviously everyone reacts differently to treatments so I can only say what my experience was. 

I wish you all the best with your treatment. PM me if you want to know anything more.

Helen x



Info on Eribulin Chemo Needed!!

Hi everyone, I will be starting eribulin next week (my third time of having intravenous chemo) and wondered what to expect side-effect-wise, this time round? The usual? Hair loss, fatigue, nausea?? I was diagnosed in 2018 with secondary breast cancer initially spread to my lymphnodes and vertebrae, had the red chemo(can never remember its name!), docetaxel & radiotherapy. Got put on tamoxifen and letrozole after treatment and was 7mths in remission until 2019 the cancer came back in the lymphglands inbetween my lungs; had palbociclib tablets and gosserelin until 2020 when the cancer came back in my liver (and sternum/another vertebrae); had paclitaxel, then that stopped working and was put on capecitabine tablets from last Sept to today. Have just been told that those have stopped working on the liver only - they’re working a treat on the bones, which is confusing! So that’s my cancer journey so far - anyone else with similar diagnosis and/or is currently on eribulin? Thanks! Shelley