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Lung MDT and or watch and wait!!


Re: Lung MDT and or watch and wait!!

Hi Nicky

Thanks for the reply. I think in general as the days progress after these appointments you gradually feel a bit calmer and just get ready to wait for some people in a room to decide your next step.

From all my research it seems almost impossible to tell from the CT so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a biopsy. If not try and push it aside for 3 months.

Thank you again


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Re: Lung MDT and or watch and wait!!

Hi RosieH

From what I’ve  learnt on here and general internet searching over the years lung nodules can also be caused by things other than BC. I only say this as on and off over the years lung nodules have been mentioned to me but have never done anything despite me having SBC in bones and liver. In fact I nearly fell off my chair at my GPs once when I read a letter on the screen from my oncologist saying I had lung mets! They can be caused by a severe cough or cold etc. However you, and your oncology team are doing the right thing by getting them checked out. A watch and wait approach for 3 months is quite usual in these circumstances - but obviously worrying for you. It is worth the lung specialists having a look at the scans, they may have seen more examples of this and be able to make a more definite diagnosis. I’d say the nodules are probably too small to biopsy, and often a lung biopsy isn’t possible so other than a scan there isn’t much more they can do at this point. If you have tumour markers taken (from your blood samples) these might indicate and changes in tumour load so it could be worth asking about those but any small changes can also be caused by other things. Sorry this doesn’t help you much and maybe someone else can offer some other advice. Good luck with everything though, however this pans out.

Nicky xx


Lung MDT and or watch and wait!!

Hi ladies

I finished treatment for my primary BC this time last year. A recent CT has shown some changes in my lung, nothing specific Nodules on the left that apparently don’t look sinister and and area on the right that could be inflammatory or could be something else. In my appointment today it was suggested let’s wait 3 months then look again see what’s happened!!! As I pointed out they told me last year I had a high chance of recurrence so that didn’t seem a viable option to me. They then said oh we can get the lung specialists to review the images and go from there. 

Anyone else have lung secondaries that started as non specific findings? 

Ps... this changes weren’t on my last CT so they’re new