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Re: M.R.I

I have to have regular MRIs because of a bone condition ( not cancer related ) I am extremely claustrophobic too , I absolutely hate them . Last time the Consultant agreed Lorazepam, it really did help , may be worth asking about for future scans . When you have sedation  the technicians have to interact with you a lot more to make sure you are ok which I found helped me too .

I also react to the contrast for CT scan , I’ve been told I shouldn’t have it again.

Sounds like a very stressful day for you ,I hope it goes better than you think x



Hi all. Going for an M.R.I and C.T. Scan on Monday I am very claustrophobic I am having both on the same day also vomit after the CT scan so I am thinking about it all the time, I have asked to have the CT scan without contrast they said it has got to be passed by the doctor at the Hospital they said just turn up on Monday and they will let me know, have ordered a sedative off my doctor so hopefully that will help I feel such a whimp, is anyone on here claustrauphobic on here. Thanks.