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New diagnosis mets in lung lining


Re: New diagnosis mets in lung lining

Hi Lisa 

Like yourself I have mets in lungs and bones (sternum, sacrum, hips, spine and ribs) I was diagnosed in Dec 2018 and have been on letrozole, palbociclib and denosumab from diagnosis. I had initial shrinkage by month 3 then stable scans since then (next results are imminent 🤞)

its definitely a road none of us want to be on but it is manageable with adjustment and seeking/accepting help. (Aside from this forum I have sought help from Maggies and my local cancer support centre. They offer services other than traditional counselling - eg Complimentary therapies, practical advice on finances etc. I’ve also took a short course at my local hospice to help with coping tools for breathlessnesses, anxiety and stress. I was a bit sceptical but it really helped. The hospice isn’t just for terminal/palliative care.

Hopefully you will get in to a routine with you specific treatment plan I.e how to best deal with any side effects you may personally have. The next step is how to deal with the mental aspect. Personally, when asked I say whilst the cancer isn’t curable it is treatable. Don’t get me wrong I do have moments of “why me” but I don’t beat myself up about it then move back to a glass half full outlook. I make far more of an effort to have plans - however small they may seem - lunch with friends, walk with family - than I did pre diagnosis! 

sorry to ramble on a bit but hope this helps - and good luck 🤞 

Diane x



Re: New diagnosis mets in lung lining

Hi Lisa, I'm sorry you find yourself here, but I just wanted to offer some hope, I was diagnosed with secondaries in spine , hip and possibly lungs. I'm on cycle 15 of palbociclib & letrozole, which is keeping everything stable up to now. Do you have your treatment plan in place yet? It's all very overwhelming especially at the start, but I've found it has gotten easier over time. Of course I don't know what the future holds, but not one person on this earth does. I've learned to live life in the moment, and there's days I hardly hardly think about the cancer.

Take care

Jools xx 


New diagnosis mets in lung lining


I have recently been diagnosed with mets in my lungs, the lining, spine and breast bone. I would be really grateful for some positive stories on how people are doing? Many thanks 😊