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Relieving stress and relaxing


Re: Relieving stress and relaxing

Psychologists use expressive arts therapy in many settings to help people explore difficult issues in their lives.

Art, music, and dance are forms of creative expression that can help you process and cope with emotional issues, including depression. Expressive therapy goes beyond traditional talk therapy. It focuses on creative outlets as a means of expression. This therapy can be especially helpful for people who find it difficult to talk about their thoughts and emotions.
Expressive Therapy For Depression can include various forms of artistic expression. This can include:





writing and storytelling

In expressive therapy, the therapist encourages you to use these arts to communicate about emotions and life events. These are often subjects that you may find difficult to put into words.


Re: Relieving stress and relaxing

Virtual forest bathing is one for me...:)





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Re: Relieving stress and relaxing

Meditation, and exercise with meditation is my way. I love TaiChi and could not do without this class. Warm up and relaxation exercises are easy to repeat at home and I find help joint pain. Swimming is another way of shutting out the world and helping my Lymphodaema at the same time. Oh, and manicures with a lovely hand massage to cover up the crappy nails BC treatment has gifted me! 😢


Re: Relieving stress and relaxing

I have reiki every other week and totally love it! It really relaxes me and helps me unwind, the reiki session is around an hour long but she likes to sit and chat for an first which I also enjoy, it’s a kind of informal therapy session



Re: Relieving stress and relaxing

Hi I like the sound of moving art. I must have a look. I like to meditate especially at night to help me gout into a deep sleep. I just Google mediration videos which I then listen to with ear phones. I find I can switch off completely if I'm feeling stressed about my condition but new information from onchologist that scares me is harder to switch off from. I suppose if we can relax most of the time it helps when things get tough xx


Relieving stress and relaxing

I was wondering if anyone had ways they relieved some of the stress that we must all feel, an how when things sometimes feel like they are not going our way, what we could do by sharing what you find helps.

My go to after an appointment where i may feel more like a piece of data in someones research than part of a group trying to find the best treatment for me, is cleaning and sorting through something whilst listening to zen music or a story book.  Even got so bad once i alphabetized my cds!  Recently I've discovered Moving Art by Louie Schwartzberg on Netflick its natural scenes accompanied by gentle music i find it really helps to relax me and feel better grounded.