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There can be a glimmer of hope….


Re: There can be a glimmer of hope….


Amazing results so very pleased for you. This type of news is what is needed as can be bad news much of the time, long long May this continue for you. I also have bone and liver mets so gives a glimmer of hope.

thanks for sharing

lou xxx


Re: There can be a glimmer of hope….

Hi gem

It’s wonderful to hear such encouraging stories such as yours so thank you for posting it.

Which country are you being treated in? I’m intrigued by the concept of restaging. I’ve come across remission, which can go on for years, but understood the stage at diagnosis was the stage you have, regardless of any positive developments. Stage 4 is de facto incurable (hideous word) but treatable. I’d like to hear more please, if you can check it out at your next consultation.

Good luck as you go forward from this pernicious disease xx


Re: There can be a glimmer of hope….

This is so excellet to hear! I'm glad you're having a good response to treatment and I hope that your next results are really positive too! I get my results from my first scan since starting chemo (docetaxol) back in November 21.


Out of interest, has your oncologist said that you can be re-staged? I had no idea that was a thing? I thought if you had stage 4 even if your cancer goes to NED you're still classed as having stage 4 cancer?




Re: There can be a glimmer of hope….

Thank you for sharing this good news! It’s so needed with this disease! Hope you stay well and wishing you all the best on your healing journey xx Skip

Community Champion

Re: There can be a glimmer of hope….

Fabulous post and thats so kind of you to put it on here ! We don't hear enough of the good news stories (most people move away from here about very successful treatment, understandably living their lives anew) and as good news stories go, this one is incredible. All the very best to you. 


There can be a glimmer of hope….

So i just wanted to share my experience so far. 

in april 21 i was diagnosed with stage 4 inflammatory breast cancer with mets to lymph lungs liver stomach and bones. I am HER2 positive so have been on herceptin along with 6 cycles of docataxel. I opted for the scalp cooling and lost minimal hair (the places i did lose it was after the cap wasnt fitted properly on one occasion) my oncologist had more or less wrote me off wanted me on palliative care, had to see a psychologist for a few months to get my head round it all. Anyway going forward to november 21 I received scan results to advise that my lungs liver and stomach are all cancer free, there was significant reduction in breast and lymph and my collarbone was nearly healed. 
My next appt for results is friday but 🤞🏻 The oncologist will be restaging to stage 2…! 

for anyone who is just finding out and feels the like they have no hope… there is!!!