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Zolendronic acid infusion


Re: Zolendronic acid infusion

I’m on 3 weekly zoledronic acid, pertusamab and herceltin.  I was tried in Denosumab but was allergic to it.  I found the pain started to ease after awhile but ?I still have bone pain due to the mets.  There isn’t any reason to stay in pain though,  various meds can really help.  If you haven’t bonded with your macmillan nurse, speak tou your GP or oncologist, or even the nurses on the day unit ward.  

All of them have been very helpful for me.  

You certainly are not alone and there are so many support organisations that .im sure there will be someone local.  Breast Cancer Care do local sessions where you can meet others living with cancer and they provide some great information.

i hope you can find some local support and relief from the pain soon




Re: Zolendronic acid infusion

Hi Angie

I was on exemestane and denosumab, still on denosumab. It's more expensive than zometa but when the cost of doing an infusion is added in there's maybe less difference. I didn't notice much pain with d until last time. Maybe it's because i now have progression. I should ask your oncologist about it, it's very easy.

Bon x


Re: Zolendronic acid infusion


please don’t feel alone, you are basically on the same meds as a lot of us with bone mets.

the zolendronic acid infusion is a bisophenate drug to keep your bones strong. A lot of us have a 4 weekly injection called Denosumab, which is less time consuming as it takes a few seconds to administer but basically does the same thing. You could ask your oncologist about this.

The anastrazole also known as  Arimadex is to block estrogen. If your cancer is estrogen positive then your cancer grows because of estrogen. So the Arimadex stops this. Letrezole is another one and so is exemastane. So find the bone mets site on here and yiu will find lots of support.

Dont worry about rambling and ranting it’s something we all do lol xxx. 


Re: Zolendronic acid infusion

I am sorry you feel alone. The bone Mets forum is very friendly. I was diagnosed in March straight to stage 4 with bone Mets. I’ve been on Ibrance Anastrosole and Zoneta bone injections since April. I’m not in any physical pain. Mentally up and down. You are not alone x

Zolendronic acid infusion


Is anyone else on zolendronic acid infusion 4 weekly and anastrozole. I read all your posts and never have I seen anyone on the same as me. At my hospital, they say quite a few are on it but I've notf met anyone yet, although I've only had one, recently diagnosed with bone mets, but I feel quite alone and not part of it all if you see what I mean. I know that probably sounds daft but its early stages and every time I get a pain I just panic or break down. Does the pain lessen as treatment progresses? Its supposed to strengthen bones. I'm not really coping and got no one to talk to. My MacMillan nurse and I haven't bonded at all, I'm not sure where to turn, hence this rather rambling post.