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her2- bone mets & tumour markers with IBRANCE & FULVESTRANT - advice please.

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Re: her2- bone mets & tumour markers with IBRANCE & FULVESTRANT - advice please.

Hi Danny2020,

Thank you for your post.

I am sorry you haven't had any response yet. I am hoping my response will help our members to see it and share their experience and advice.

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her2- bone mets & tumour markers with IBRANCE & FULVESTRANT - advice please.



My Mum was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer- bone mets/scattering of cells on the spine in September 2020. HER2 Negative, strong ER+

She had been given the all clear in June 2020 and started anastrozole and bone therapy. They tracked her blood tumour markers which rised each month, so in November/dec they made the decision to stop the anastrozole and begin Ibrance & Fulvestrant injections, which is now starting cycle 4 but on a lower dose of Ibrance due to anaemia.  She's also had two blood transfusion this year, not due to ill health but by her bloods.


She feels fine, no real symptoms, looks well and has put on weight. Last CT scan in November 2020, showed no further spread and bone/MRI scan ok, apart from rising tumor markers and spine mets.

Mum saw oncologist yesterday and although he is happy with things, he's ordered another CT scan which is over due and that despite the new treatment, some of her tumour markers are still high, but that her bone marrow etc had returned to normal and liver function etc was all fine.

He explained this meant that despite the new treatment the cancer was still active, but that its not unusual this early into treatment (3months approx.). This has obviously concerned Mum, but he didn't really give much more information only that he was happy with everything else.

She does have an auto immune system condition, so I don't know if this can cause markers to be high too.

My question is, how accurate are these markers, are they always high with progression, or do some people always have markers? I've read you can have progression with no markers so I understand its not 100% accurate but what could be the cause for them to still be high if no symptoms?


Any help/advice/similar stories would be good so I can try and reassure Mum until her next scan.


Thank you! 🙂