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9 days on and terminology change?

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Re: 9 days on and terminology change?



Ha ha love the beetroot bra image 🙂 🙂 xx


When I originally had my WLE I was told it would be 2/3 weeks before the results were back, in fact it was 6 weeks, when I asked why they said it was probably because the labs were very busy, so I would not necessarily read anything into them being back a week earlier than you expected, the trouble is they give us these timescale and we hang on to them for assurance, then when it changes it can send us into a spin.


When I had my first post op mammo, I didnt get the results until I saw my oncologists about two and half weeks later, it was such an anxious time because I am thinking as I had not heard all is well or are they waiting to tell me something when I saw him.  Honestly I think they forget that there is an actual person at the other end of all these results.


Sending you a hug xxx



9 days on and terminology change?

Hi all

An update from me, so after my WLE Iwas told I would see consultant for results in 3 weeks. To be fair I put this out of my mind to focus on recovery (I didn’t do well under GA) and it was nice not to get back on the wheel of counting down to yet another appointment. Well the blissful ignorance has been shattered, I’ve been notified that the consultant wants to see my Thursday - that’s exactly 2 weeks not 3.😱
Also I was sent a copy of the letter he sent my doctor and noticed his terminology had changed again, originally I was told at the ultrasound told it was a certain fibroidnoma then at the biopsy result stage told it was a certain papilloma (lots of certains 🤷🏻‍♀️) now he says in this letter I have removed the indeterminate tumour and waiting for histology. Why all these changes and 2 weeks not 3 ????

In other news as a pick me up as I’ve been feeling really flat and ugly I decided to have my hair cut and a colour, I’ve just had a shower and of course excess dye comes out so not my dressings are a beetroot colour 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ Honey dew, Hershey’s kiss and beetroot all in my ugly but comfy sleep bra. I’m hoping this won’t cause an issue or irritation?

Anyway now I’m on that countdown wheel to Thursday 😞 I hate the countdown wheel I was enjoying the blissful ignorance