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Chlorine pool 5 weeks after surgery


Re: Chlorine pool 5 weeks after surgery

Corr, sounds great.

I would think your skin well healed by now. Apart from avoiding direct sun on your wound site (obviously a NoNo), hope you enjoy getting yourself back to normal and the rest.

Lotsa love

Delly xxx

Community Manager

Re: Chlorine pool 5 weeks after surgery

Hi Conniem,


Getting away for a few days would be just lovely! It may be worth getting in touch with our nurses on our free helpline 0808 800 6000. They can advise you on the questions you have about getting in the pool. You can also email them with your questions on the Ask Our Nurse section for this Forum.


Best wishes,

Laura at Breast Cancer Care


Chlorine pool 5 weeks after surgery

Hi all, I had a therapeutic mammoplasty 5 weeks ago. Nothing in lymph nodes. Scars healing well and I’m due to start radio in 2 weeks. I’d love to get a few days away in the sun before I start Rads but I’m not sure if I should avoid the hotel swimming pool or anything else ie: suncream, sea water, everything! Can anyone advise please? Thankyou.