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Cosmetic surgery or leave it well alone?


Re: Cosmetic surgery or leave it well alone?

@Jill1998 @delly 


I havent come across the word lipofilling, and I don't think he said that word as such, but i imagine it'll be similar . 

I am conscious of it when I wear a tshirt as it can sometimes show above my bra, and it has always been sore to the touch even after all these years, so maybe if i get it padded out a bit there'll be less tenderness on the chest wall. 

I'm still 50/50. I've got to see the surgeon with my answer on Friday, and I'll ask him some more questions. I don't feel pressured, just intrigued that this has been offered to me, 

I'll keep you posted.

love. T xx


Re: Cosmetic surgery or leave it well alone?

Hi @trudy2010  - Was he talking about Lipofilling? From what I've read and hear is quite a minor procedure, but can be very effective for filling dimples in boobs. As you've forgotten, could you perhaps call him for a reminder chat, or your BCN? 

Hope all goes well with and for your lumpectomy, lovey. X❤️X

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Re: Cosmetic surgery or leave it well alone?

I have a dent from my lumpectomy it doesn’t really bother me , if your scarring / dent doesn’t really cause you discomfort or bother you cosmetically  I would be questioning the need for a second op too . Don’t be pressured into something you don’t really want .x


Cosmetic surgery or leave it well alone?

My surgeon wants to improve the scarring and cavity that is on my left breast from a lumpectomy 11 years ago.  He wants to do this while doing a lumpectomy of my right breast for a new cancer. Surgery is planned for the end of march, and initially I thought yes, okay, but now I am having doubts.

I've had this scarring and crater-like dimple for a long time, I never expected any correction for it, and now I'm thinking, what if it becomes worse, what if I get seroma or infection in it, I'll wish I'd left it well alone.

If I go ahead, I'll have 2 sore boobs instead of one.

He told me how he would do it, and said it was only a ' little op' but I've already forgotten what he said, and to me, it's a massive op!

If anyone has any experience of cosmetic repair from previous breast surgery, please share your thoughts.

Thanks   xxx