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Delayed DIEP flap surgery - yes or no


Re: Delayed DIEP flap surgery - yes or no


Just wanted to say that I hope your surgery went well, and that you’re on the mend now. 



Re: Delayed DIEP flap surgery - yes or no

I have exactly the same worries about my      delayed DIEP surgery which is planned for the autumn.  


Re: Delayed DIEP flap surgery - yes or no

Hi Rosiecrocodile, im In a similar situation to you, currently on the waiting list for a Diep though I’ve no idea when it will be. Currently the fittest and healthiest I’ve been/felt in a long time and keep wondering if it’s worth putting my body through such major surgery.  But I get quite self conscious particularly in the summer about my flat side. It’s so hard! 
It’s good that you have a date though! I’ve no idea when mine will be, checking for post every day and freaking out if there’s a letter (Even if it’s only about pension haha!) but also too scared to chase it at the moment! it’s weird as I kind of feel terrified of it but also excited! 

my reason for choosing the Diep was that I get most people had a positive outcome with it and that it’s quite natural! 
hope some of that makes sense, I’ve kinda just spilled out the contents of my brain! 🙈 
Becky xx


Delayed DIEP flap surgery - yes or no

I have made the decision to go for delayed DIEP flap surgery and due to a cancellation I am booked in for July 7th. Because this has come up much earlier than expected I have not got my head round it all. I am so worried that I will be swapping one problem for another as my tummy is fine but mastectomy scar is awful. The photos on the internet don't always look good at all and there are some horror stories. I wish more people who had had good experiences would share them especially for those who are worried about whether going for a non essential surgery is a good idea. Any experiences or advice would be gratefully received x