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Double Mastectomy Nerves


Re: Double Mastectomy Nerves

Hi Jen,

Didn't have the double, just the single mastectomy and can guarantee it will not be as bad as you fear. I was surprised how easy it and the recovery were.


Re: Double Mastectomy Nerves

Hi JennJ


It's Emily here from Breast Cancer Care.


I'm really sorry to hear about your fears and double mastectomy nerves - it's completely understandable  that you're feeling nervous, and it's good that you're reaching out to hear positive stories.


While you're waiting for replies on here, I just wanted to let you know that we have quite a few volunteers who have had double mastectomy and have positive words to share. Sue might be a helpful person to drop an email to because like you, she had a genetic diagnosis and breast cancer, had chemotherapy and a double mastectomy.


Alternatively, if you'd like me to arrange for you to chat to someone over the phone, then feel free to drop me a direct message through the forum with your name and number, or you can call us on 0345 077 1893.


Wishing you all the best Jenn

Emily at Breast Cancer Care


Re: Double Mastectomy Nerves

Hi Jenn


I’m sorry I can’t share any experience as yet but I will be having a mastectomy in January.  I have bilateral cancer and had a therapeutic mammoplasty then a further re-excision on the right side in May. Sadly I still didn’t get clear margins on that side, In some ways I think it will be a relief to have the mastectomy as I’ll feel ‘safer’.  I’m about to have 6 months of chemo starting next Tuesday and that’s freaking me out so well done for getting through yours!!  I’m also waiting for my genetic testing results.  It is a scary time but I hope you will find some support on here from someone who has already been through the procedure.  Good luck and take care.



Double Mastectomy Nerves

Hi everyone,

Well, the nerves are finally getting to me. I'm 40, was diagnosed in January and have completed my 6 rounds of chemo. I'm positive for the PTEN Gene, and am having a double mastectomy on the 29th.

Simply put, I'm scared.

Anybody have any positive words to share about their experience in this area? It would really help.

Thank you.