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Re: Drains



When I was having my drains removed the District Nurse said "Right, take a deep breath... I was in such a tiz because I was so scared I even said "I can't remember how to breathe..." 🤣🙄

I never felt a thing either! 

She probably thought I was bit booloo!!! Ha! 💪🏻🎀




Re: Drains


Just a quick update.  

I have had my drain out now, yay!

Feel much better for it 🙂

And for any one reading this who is concerned (I was terrified)  the drains come out real easy and it was painless. In fact the worst bit was removing the dressing!

Katy xx


Re: Drains

Thank you for your replies.

As the first one came out after only 3 days I was expecting the other to follow quickly.

I hope it won't be 10 weeks!

I guess I am used to it during the day (although will try putting it around neck when going to toilet, thanks for that tip)

The main issue I have is sleeping as I am so uncomfortable stuck in one position afraid to move.

I guess I will get used to that to soon xx


Re: Drains

Hi Kaytee


hope you’re recovering well.


I suspect I’m an expert on drains as one of mine was in for 10 weeks. You soon get used to it.


I found a discreet black cord drain bag on the cancer research uk online shop which was great going out. Too much info but hanging the bag round my neck made going to the loo much easier ! At night I used an old fashioned wooden towel rail to wrap it round I then put that alongside me in bed so I couldn’t wake up and get out of bed forgetting it was there.


mine came out after 10 weeks as they were concerned I’d get an infection. Even after all that time it was still drawing 100ml per day but I didn’t feel a thing when it was removed and three months on bio oil daily means those scars are fading fast.


take care and heal swiftly xx Melanie 

mini mad

Re: Drains

Hi Kaytee,

i also had a mastectomy with level 1 axilliary nodes removed on 14th April.

came home with just 1 drain in.  Yes its awkward and does disturb your rest i agree.

had mine removed after a week but depends how much you are still losing into the bag.

Dont worry the nurses will decide when its ok to remove.   Good luck xx 💖







Hi every one 

I had a masectomy and full node clearance and removal of one node from my chest on 31st may.

I had 2 drains in. The first one was removed after 3 days but the second is still in.

I am wondering how long is normal for drains to be in?

It's so awkward carrying it around and sleeping I was hoping it would be out by now!

I also wonder how often you got your wounds checked?

Thanks ladies