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Fibroadenoma worries


Fibroadenoma worries

My 20 year old daughter has had a fibroadenoma for about a year and has been scanned every 4 months. Each time the lump was bigger and she was then referred to a consultant who has advised that it be removed. The lump is at the top of her breast and it will be removed via the Areola. She was told that there would probably be a large indentation.


We were shell-shocked and it wasn't until we got home that we began to raise questions:

Has the pill (Rigevidon) been attributable to the lump growing and if so, why wasn't she taken off it?

If necessary, will she be offered reconstructive surgery?

Are there no alternatives to surgery?


She went to her GP and mentioned the pill but they didn't seem to think it was an issue. She is absolutely petrified and it is such an invasive procedure for a 20 year old. Can anyone who has had similar surgey offer any advice?