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Glued wound


Re: Glued wound

Hi Alison

I had my wound glued, no dressing applied. Could shower in a day and glue gradually peeled off after about a week.


Re: Glued wound

Hello, after my nipple reconstruction the glue started pealing off the horizontal  scar after the first week and bits have continued to come off, as long as your wound is not opening up it should be fine. Alos you may have glue from any tape that you have used to fix dressings.




Re: Glued wound

Hi Alison,

Apologies for having missed your post we try very hard to keep an eye out for any new ones. 

Mine was glued and when I took my dressing off after 5 days it was healing up nicely with no excess glue on it. I'm guessing it peals off naturally as we heal but if your concerned of course give your clinic a ring to getbot checked out Xx Jo 


Community Manager

Re: Glued wound

Dear Alison,

I'm sorry that you haven't had a reply yet. I'm hoping that by posting a response someone will pick up your message 🙂 


In the meantime, you may find it helpful to look through our information pages on after surgery care on the Breast Cancer Care website. 


Alternatively, if you would like to speak with one of our specialists the free Helpline is open on Monday from 9-4 on 0808 800 6000. 


Best wishes


Breast Cancer care 


Glued wound

Hi, has anyone else had their wound glued? I was wondering how long it should stay on for. My surgery was 6 days ago and the glue (around my nipple ) is already coming off. Is this too soon?