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Help with where to buy garments for post-op hospital and recovery time

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Re: Help with where to buy garments for post-op hospital and recovery time

Hi @SondraF thank you for your post.

You may find it helpful to speak to one of our Breast Care Nurses for some advice on the free Helpline, 0808 800 6000.

Alternatively, you can get in touch with our Nurses in the Ask Our Nurses area of the Forum and they can respond to you online.

Sending our warmest wishes for Sunday
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Help with where to buy garments for post-op hospital and recovery time

I have a right-side mastectomy and axillary clearance w/immediate diep recon coming up on Sunday and am at a loss as for what to do with buying undergarments. The sheet of paper I received Monday is confusing at best and I feel like I have been looking at control pants and bras nonstop for the last two days!

My main questions are:

1) When you come out of theatre are you in a bra then? Or do they grab one of the ones you bought?

2) It says that the first bra should be cheap as it will need to be cut for observation. Thats fine, so what, like a cheap cotton sports bra with terrible support is ok? What about having a bra with a front closure or zip? How much support is needed = is it really just to hold things in place but not squish?

3) After that I think its a bit easier to figure out (and I have a fitting booked in an hour at John Lewis) and some good brands, so I guess you move into those supportive brands and live in them nonstop for the next month and a half, yes?

4) Trying to find firm control pants has been challenging. I've seen some recommend Spanx that pull all the way up high and then Ive seen the ones on M&S I would expect to work that only look to come up to waist height. I am short waisted so the sheet advice to "come up near the bottom of your bra" is a little well, subjective. Im assuming they mean far above belly button since a new one is made.

Any recommendations need to be deliverable or at a shop like Next, Sainsburys, M&S, or John Lewis as I cant get to a big Tesco or ASDA and I am supposed to quarantine from tomorrow morning.

On a side note -I see all the informational components handed to me are from pre-Covid and there seems to be a universal shortage of plus sized control pants!