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Inplant in front or underneath the muscle


Re: Inplant in front or underneath the muscle

Thanks Evie! It is really helpfull
Community Champion

Re: Inplant in front or underneath the muscle

Hi Phinou

I had an implant put on top of the muscle about a year ago. It's supported inside some sort of mesh, like a bag and I think it's called Braxon, and that joins into your own tissue over time. I was told that it helps protect the implant if you have to have radiotherapy afterwards. There are various threads on here about it. I went for that option as it sounded a simpler operation but I didn't see any photos of examples of implants both under and over the muscle to compare. Maybe ask your surgeon to show you some photos of his work so you can see?


Unfortunately my surgeon put in an implant that is too big so I'm rather lopsided, and my new boob is more round than the real one, but overall I'm happy with it.


Big hugs to you as you look at the options and I'm very happy to answer any more questions you may have about that operation.

Evie xx


Inplant in front or underneath the muscle

Hi all,


I am due to have a surgery in 3 weeks time, but I need to tell my surgeon this coming Tuesday if I went to have my implant put in front or underneath the muscle.

My surgeon told me that if it is underneath the muscle the breast lifts when using the muscle and the surgery is more painful. But I am concern that we will see more that I am wearing impants. Anyone had an inplant put in front of the muscle? Are you happy with the result?

Many thanks