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LD flap reconstruction experiences?


Re: LD flap reconstruction experiences?

I'm looking for some similar information and was wondering if you went through with the LD flap reconstruction and how you are doing with your mobility and back strength.


I am 33 years olds (5'11" and 130 lbs) had triple negative breast cancer in my right breast and 1 right lymph node in my armpit.  I did 8 sessions of chemo from December 2019 to March 2020 (A/C and then taxol), a double mastectomy in April with 3 lymph nodes removed on my right side and a tissue expander put into my left side, then did 25 treatments radiation over June and July.


I’ve been rock climbing for about 2 years now and haven’t had any issues climbing after my mastectomy or radiation.  Feel a bit of strain through my armpit and side when I need to reach straight over my head, but it hasn’t really stopped me in anyway.  I also do a bit of yoga, weight lifting and running.


But I’m at a point where my plastic surgeon wants me to decide on what type of reconstruction I want to do on my right side. With the options of:

1) LD flap reconstruction,

2) liposuction and insert it into the breast area with the hope that it will soften the tissue so that the tissue will seem as it did before radiation,

3) just do reconstruction and hope for the best.


Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


Re: LD flap reconstruction experiences?

Hi Grw, 


Thanks for your post. There is certainly a lot to consider with this operation. 


As you haven't had a reply from the community yet, you're more than welcome to call our breast care nurses and chat through whether it's right for you? 


You can reach them on 0808 800 6000.


Take care, 


Becca at Breast Cancer Care. 


LD flap reconstruction experiences?


After meeting with my breast surgeon yesterday, i'm being advisded to consider LD flap reconstruction ( double mastectomy)..

Would really appreciate some honest advice from anyone who underwent the op as to how much it has affected their mobility, back strength longer term, and any other advice, reflections... With hindsight was it the right plan for you? 

Whilst the surgeon is telling me he got competitive golfers golfing again, I'm also reading that some people struggle to use their arms to get out of a bath (or a swimming pool) afterwards...


Thanks in advance for any support on making these crazy decisions with a round 8 chemo brain!!