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Lipofill - best donor site?

Ms Merton

Re: Lipofill - best donor site?

I’ve had 2 lots of lipofilling by different surgeons.  One procedure was very successful, the other is still causing me endless problems (fat necrosis and scarring) and is not reversible.  Be warned - it is far from risk free and, in my view, is highly dependent on the surgeon’s “artistic” skill and some luck.  The surgeon who did the good op told me that fat from certain parts of the body is better quality for this procedure and produces a better result.  He told me that tummy fat was the least successful type, and the best type to use is from around the knees! We compromised and he took fat from my inner thighs, which has left a small dent.  But that fat definitely took better than the tummy fat injected by the other surgeon. It’s also better to do a small bit first and then add more later that try to output put in too much fat at once.  Be warned also you will get some truly dramatic bruising at both harvesting and injection sites! Good luck - hope you get the result you are looking for.


Lipofill - best donor site?

Hi all

I'm booked in for my first lipofill in a couple of months. I thought I'd be so over and done with the very idea of surgery, but I'm seeing the whole 'free liposuction' thing as a bit of a silver lining to the already good thought of a bit less rippling (it's not bad, but I somehow can't think it's going to be good for my skin as I age...!).

My surgeon is pretty cool, and he did seem to be offering me a choice on donor sites. Given I put on a lot of weight with having my thyroid removed, there's absolutely no shortage! I might be one of the only people to actually be hoping this takes two or three goes, as it means I can cycle 'round my 'trouble spots'!

That said, anyone have any experience or insights about using different places? Tummy is semi-obvious, but I'm wondering about thighs and/or hips as places I have always felt didn't respond to normal weight loss. Well, might as well make the most of the opportunities that present themselves, right!?