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Lumpectomy 18 days post op


Re: Lumpectomy 18 days post op

Dear Louby-lou69

Well done to you for coming this far, so sorry to hear how uncomfortable you are feeling, I would suggest a pot of Zinc and Caster oil may help with the soreness a dear old lady recommended it to me after my surgery, (the one for baby’s is best). It worked wonders for me.

As for your appointment which is so important I completely understand how you must be feeling, looking on the positive side your lymph node were clear…..great news, maybe have a chat with your breast cancer nurse.

Wishing you well, big hugs from me to you Tili 🙏🌈



Lumpectomy 18 days post op

So today I went to a hospital appointment that I thought was going to be results from my lumpectomy- sadly it was just a follow up that lasted minutes. I was so disappointed. The dr did say that the three lymph nodes are clear though so at least that's a massive positive.

So I'm coming up to 3 weeks now and my scar is unbelievably itchy,  which I know is a good thing.I'm going to get some bio oil and see if that will give me some relief. The area around the scar is numb so when I do gently scratch it I can't feel anything- it's very bizzare.

My armpit where I had the lymph nodes removed from, also feels sort of sticky and clammy.I've been using Dove sensitive roll on deodorant for the past couple of days but it's still the same. 

The healing is good but still very tender.