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Lumpectomy and Breast reconstruction


Re: Lumpectomy and Breast reconstruction

Hi all, thank you for the comments. I think that if it hadn't have been my birthday I wouldn't have felt so low.
My son came to see me over the weekend so that cheered me up.
I am feeling very uncomfortable tonight though. The whole of my right side feels very tight and sore and my arm pit and under arm are sore as well. I just can't get comfortable. Anyone got any tips for help with pain?

Re: Lumpectomy and Breast reconstruction

Lemmondrizzle 2. I can totally relate to you wanting to postpone your birthday. I was 60 two weeks ago and had so many plans as to what I was going to do. A much anticipated trip to Russia spending the whole of the summer holidays at our property in Spain with my grandchildren and a family celebration to celebrate a start of a new chapter in my life. All of that came crashing down in April when I was diagnosed. Holidays cancelled and celebrations put on hold. I have just finished week one of Rads one down 2 to go and I am now beginning to think about about how I am going to celebrate my birthday and end of active treatment (apart from the drugs). I think I am now better placed mentally to think about this and will be able to enjoy it knowing I have kicked this @#@# in the backside. So for what it's worth put celebrating your birthday on hold until you are feeling better and have a treatment plan. It will be all the more enjoyable when your feeling better and believe me you will feel better in the next couple of weeks Get all that nasty anesthetic out of your body concentrate on your self. You will have plenty more birthdays to celebrate but as it is your birthday today sending you best wishes and birthday hugs xx Chris

Re: Lumpectomy and Breast reconstruction

Lemondrizzle, I echo everything ElvieS has said. Postpone your birthday until you really feel like having it. Do let your BC nurse know exactly how you feel - which isn't at all unusual, as ElvieS has stressed. It can take days to get over a general anaesthetic, and weeks to adjust to the physical and emotional effects of what is major surgery.


At my post-op session with my surgeon three weeks after the op, he asked me how I was. So I explained in a straightforward way that whilst I was organised and matter-of-fact on the outside because I had to be, I was feeling very frail on the inside and near to tears. He immediately pointed out, reassuringly, that that was only to be expected, I had gone through major surgery and had had a general anaesthetic, and that I must allow myself to recover at my own rate. And that was 3 weeks after the event.


Do take all the support that comes your way. Your BC nurse can advise on what is available through the hospital and Macmillan have phone services you can use. Their number is 0808 808 00 00, 9.00am - 8.00pm, Mon - Fri. Their website is www.macmillan.org.uk.


Come in here and let off steam.


All the best

Community Champion

Re: Lumpectomy and Breast reconstruction

Lemondrizzle2 - I'm going to start by giving you a huge hug and also telling you that you are not alone and never will be. The lovely ladies on here will give great support. Maybe there are support groups where you live too - have a chat with your BCN.

Also be aware that anaesthetics can make you feel very low days afterwards, I know that happened to me. Plus you are getting used to a new change to your body, that all takes time. We are grieving our former lives and bodies. Be gentle on yourself and take one day at a time. Go ahead and book that haircut and any other treats, you deserve them.

Definitely speak to your BCN and I'm sure she will help you along. You can always postpone celebrating your birthday until you feel more like it, but maybe you will feel better in the morning.

Evie xx


Lumpectomy and Breast reconstruction

I had my surgery on Monday and was given the chance of having reconstructive surgery done. Unfortunately they can only do the affected breast so I'm now very lop sided as my breast size was 42E. 

I was OK until today and now I'm feeling very low and alone. It's my birthday tomorrow but I wish it wasn't. I thought I would treat myself to a hair cut seeing as I can't wash my hair in the usual way but everywhere is fully booked until next week. It's not something you think about when you booked in for treatment. Oh well the drag me through a bush look will just have to do for now.

I'm going in to see my BC nurse tomorrow to get the dressings changed so I will have a chat with her. Knew this all had to hit me at some point and it choose today. 😢