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Lumpectomy - reduction Vs tissue transfer advice


Re: Lumpectomy - reduction Vs tissue transfer advice

Thank you so much for your reply! My goodness, you have really been through it, I'm so sorry for you. It sounds like you're happy with the surgery you've had this time though - I'm so pleased about that for you. 

I breastfed 2 babies, and although I'm only 37 I would benefit from a lift to make them perkier! People are always surprised when I tell them I'm a EE cup, I look smaller. But I'd be happy to go down a couple of sizes if it means less complications and perkier boobies. I just don't want to look too small. But at the same time I'm just so relieved to be getting rid of cancer from my body and at the end of the day that's the main thing.

They have said they will do the other side at a later date so I'm not left lop-sided.  

I'm also having my nodes removed as it's spread to them. Not looking forward to that! 

Thank you so much again, I really appreciate you taking the time to message me xxxx


Re: Lumpectomy - reduction Vs tissue transfer advice

Hi Mum2boys

I have been really unlucky - or, incredibly lucky. Or both. Haven't entirely decided yet! - and have had 3 lumpectomies over the years (HUGE note: I have a high risk profile, 3 separate primaries over 20 years, don't panic about the lumpectomy not being great treatment!). Only real complication was a seroma after one of them, but that was easily enough dealt with. Recovery felt pretty easy, all things said, and any difficulties were far more to do with the lymph node removal at the same time, restricting arm movement for a bit.

And then, prior to a bilateral mastectomy this year (did I mention, *really* unlucky??) I had a reduction, of 5 cup sizes. I was a 34H and just too big for full reconstruction. It was absolutely the silver lining in a really rubbish year: I was perfectly fine with my size, not knowing much different, but wow have I loved being smaller and perkier, both before and after the implant stage. The one big caveat for that, I'd say, is that you can lose a lot of sensation. Worth weighing that up to any decisions.

More than happy to answer any other questions you might have, just drop me a note xx


Lumpectomy - reduction Vs tissue transfer advice

Hi ladies, 

Just looking for advice really from anyone who has had a lumpectomy and to hear your experience. 

I have just finished my last round of chemo and have been told that a lumpectomy followed by radiotherapy would be best. My initial tumour was 7cm but the chemo has shrunk it. My breasts are currently 32 EE but I carry them well! I have been offered a reduction and a lift or a tissue transfer where they will pull round the tissue from the fatty part round from the side near my breast. 

If anyone has had either of these operations, I'd love to hear how you've recovered and if you had any complications? 

Thank you so much xxxx