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Lymph nodes removal


Re: Lymph nodes removal

Hi KEEN020,

I'm glad to hear your mastectomy and implant has left such good results, that's great news.

It's natural to feel self conscious about armpit hair you didn't have before, I hope your consultant can offer a more helpful solution on your next visit.

Take care,

Becca at Breast Cancer Care.

Lymph nodes removal

Hi all, 1st time on forums but I have dilemmas! I had recon with implant just over 2 weeks ago, I have a seroma which is starting to go down, they dont want to drain due to risk of infection, since the seroma went down I have this weird piece of taught skin appear which is very sore and the back of my arm is still numb is this all normal, as the breast recon is a breeze compared to this!!? I now have a decision to make also, I had 4 nodes removed and 2/4 diseased therefore axilliary clearance or radio? Due to my experience so far I am horrified by thought of having more removed and am favouring radio. Also minor issue for some but not for me I 'm totally obsessed by the hairy armpit I now have! I had to see a different consultant on Friday who said forget the hair its the least of your problems, not very helpful I know it will potentially go with chemo and rads but I have 4/6 weeks until that ,but can i get rid of the hair at any point once the wound has healed properly? I know I may seem vain but I like wearing sleevless tops and this makes me self conscious! On a positive note my masectomy, recon and implant look amazing so far for those that are considering this I'm so pleased i have an amazing new right boob with nipple intact! Hurrah to my onco plastic surgeon! I was hoping not to have chemo but due to lymph nodes I guess i have to just crack on and get it done! Helen xxx