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Nipple sparing - anyone regained feeling/sensation?

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Re: Nipple sparing - anyone regained feeling/sensation?

Hi RitaBB,


Welcome to the Forum 🙂


I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis and tricky decisions. For clinical advice or support, you could call our nurses for free on 0808 800 6000. They are available between 9-4 on weekdays and 9-1 pm on Saturdays. They may be able to share some advice with you about this. 


In the meantime, I'm sure someone will be along shortly to pick up the conversation on this thread 🙂


Sending you our best wishes,




Nipple sparing - anyone regained feeling/sensation?

Hello everyone!

Just found out about the forum and I am sooo happy to finally be able to talk to people who are/were going through similar issues as me - bless!

 I'm 33 and had a triple negative BC successfully removed a 1,5 months ago and I have BRCA1 gene too so decided for the double mastectomy with implant reconstruction (under the muscle expanding bag to be swapped for an implant after the muscle stretches enough), even though I've not had a family yet. Lots of difficult decisions and sacrifices, as everyone on here but the one I'm struggling with the most  is if I should spare the nipple? The surgeon told me I most likely won't have any sensation left in it and increases the chances of getting a cancer in the nipple. By how much, I wasn't told. Anyone knows? Truthfully, I mainly want to keep it for erotic sensation. I'm still quite young and have been with my 'the one' for only about a year and I'd love to have this nightmare to be over as soon and don't want many reminders of the recent struggles. Without the nipple my sex life and satisfaction won't be the same. Is it possible to regain some feeling in it? Is it worth the risk? Any opinions will help xx