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Oncotype test

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Re: Oncotype test

Marie, think the mods have made changes to the titles, there should be guidance somewhere that tells you where the threads are now, if you still can’t find, please contact the mods to ask them where you can find the one you want without trawling through the threads looking ❤️ Keeping 🤞 you can avoid chemo this time. 💕💕Shi xx


Oncotype test


This is my 3rd BC diagnosis. I have had an invasive tumour and DCIS in the past . This time round I’ve had a mastectomy for a small grade 3 tumour with clear nodes. So mixed results. I am very keen to avoid chemo though have to accept it’s likely. I had chemo in 2012-13 so am aware of its impact.

This time round I’m having the oncotype test and would Like to hear from others that have had it. Are there many with grade 3 tumours that escaped chemo? I’m guessing most on this forum will be having chemo but am not sure if there is a better place to post. There used to be a ‘Recently diagnosed’ topic but I don’t see that now.

Grateful for any information.