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Post Mastectomy treatment

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Re: Post Mastectomy treatment

Hi Kaz


Yes, I had Herceptin injections for the same amount of time.  Has she had one yet?


No I don't think it's bad of you - as you say, you are protecting her.  It's a jolly good idea not to goggle!  I can't help myself sometimes and always regret it!!


Yes I am strangely grateful for all I've been through - it's made me a different person (some good and some bad!) - but I do like helping and supporting others going through what I've experienced - I can clearly remember those dark days of diagnosing and treatment and if it hadn't been for some of the lovely ladies on this forum, I don't think I would have coped as well as I did.  You're right there are truly some amazing ladies on here and I too am humbled by their experiences.


I really do hope all continues to go well for your sister.  x  


Re: Post Mastectomy treatment

Thanks for your reply Jay68!

she had a drain for 3 days post op, and was told she will need to continue Herceptin infusions for 12 more sessions at 3 weekly intervals along with Perjeta which has just been approved. I spoke to our Mum earlier and she tells me that this oral chemo is a "new " treatment and is to minimise any chance of recurrence, which she is at high risk for given the advanced state of her cancer at diagnosis, although no mets found at that time. Im so glad I will be able to attend her oncology appt, I live 320miles away so its hard for me being so far away. I work as a staff nurse so will be able to ask all the right questions! My sister tends not to ask as the less she knows the less she worries. Even after 6 months she still thinks hers is a stage 2... infact from what I have read its grade 2 but a stage 3c at diagnosis...

Have never told her my thoughts as she suffered from such high anxiety at the start of all this but is now coping so brilliantly well and I want to keep her positive. Is that so very bad of me? I wonder sometimes but at the end of the day I want to protect her. She never googles lol!

Sounds like you are doing well, sending you big hugs, I take my hat off to all you ladies on here... you are all amazing!


Kaz xx

Community Champion

Re: Post Mastectomy treatment

Hi KazB65


Firstly, what a great Sister you are - helping your sister by asking the questions she's probably to afraid to ask herself - you're being so supportive and deserve a huge hug for that - so well done.


Great news, in the fact that the tumor had significantly shrunk and the operation went well.


I had similar breast cancer to your Sister.  Mine was diagnosed in March 2017.  I had neoadjuvant chemo with targetted therapies from May to August 2017 and finally surgery (mx and complete node removal) in Sept 2017.  Following which I had a totally clear pathological report for which I am eternally grateful.  However, I appreciate this is not the case for all ladies.  


Is your sister still receiving Herceptin injections?


The 300mls of fluid you mention is not totally unusual - is this from a seroma?  Did she have drains fitted after the op?


Although I had complete response to the chemo, I still had 15 sessions of radiotherapy.  It was done as a precaution to the chest wall and the next stage up of lymph glands (in clavical area).  After all your sister has been through the actual rads treatment are like "a walk in the park".....  A couple of  bits of advice though, the effects of rads are on-going - I still get discomfort from the areas where I received radiotherapy - so don't panic on any weird senstations.  Also, drink plenty of water and ask the radiologists for advice on which creams to use.


I can't offer any personal advice regarding the oral chemo - although I do know there is a chemo drug called "Capecitabine" - shortened to "Cape" which is quite a commonly used drug - I know of one lady in my group who had to take this after all treatments - however, I'm sure she didn't need to attend hospital to receive it - but did have to still go for the regular blood tests etc like you do on IV chemo.


I'm pleased to hear you're able to support your Sister at her next onc appointment at the end of the month.  Hopefully the oncologist will be able to ease your worries.


As easy as it to say, don't worry - your Sister is in good hands - the medical teams will see to that.  You are doing all you can to support and I'm sure your Sister is extremely grateful - I know I would be if you were mine.


Take care - keep positive - between you, you can defeat this awful disease.... x



Post Mastectomy treatment

Hi, Havent posted in a while but have a few questions to ask. My sister has had a mastectomy and lymph node removal on 23rd April following neoadjuvant chemotherapy for HER2 positive cancer. She saw the surgeon yesterday for results. At time of op her tumour had reduced from 7cm to 2mm which is brilliant news. However 2 of 7 nodes removed are still positive post chemo.

She has had around 300mls fluid drained twice from the wound since.....is this common?

Also now was told yesterday she will need some radiotherapy which is what we expected but was also told she will be having some oral chemotherapy for at least 2 months. I have no idea what drug as she didnt ask! But was told it will need to be given in hospital as bloods need checking before having it. Have never heard of this scenario... any ideas what this involves?

She sees her oncologist at the end of the month and for once I will be able to go with her.

All this is ringing alarm bells for me at the moment!