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Revision & symmetry surgery


Re: Revision & symmetry surgery


 I had a skin sparing left mastectomy and immediate LD Flap reconstruction last summer. Then I had further surgery last month to correct a few problems such as removal of a large lump at the end of my incision site on my side (called a ‘dog ear’ apparently!), re-fashioning the wound/scar on the breast, and finally some lipofilling  to fill a dent above the foob. So I can tell you about the lipofilling part of your op.


 They took the fat from my hips (I have plenty of it there and I did tell them to take more than they needed, but alas I am no slimmer! 😆)  I was warned about the bruising but even so, I was unprepared for the extent of it. My hips, belly and backside turned some very pretty colours, and the bruising was very painful and tender for a week before it gradually faded.  I wasn’t given or told to wear a girdle or anything,  though I’ve heard some others on the forum mention it after having lipofilling. 


 I’m now pretty much healed and my other procedures have worked well but the results of the Lipofilling are a bit disappointing.  Now the swelling has subsided the dent is a little better, but actually it doesn’t look massively different.  I think my body has reabsorbed the filling a lot, so they could have been a bit more generous with the filling but I guess it’s hard to predict how much reabsorption will occur  and how much fat is needed. I’ll see what the surgeon thinks when I see him next week for my 8 week check.  I don’t regret having it done though and I hope the results for yours are more satisfying. 

Good luck with it all!  xx



Revision & symmetry surgery

Hi ladies,

I had a skin sparing mastectomy to my right side with immediate TRAM reconstruction in September 2017. I've had a few complictions in that I've had delayed fat necrosis (appeared around 8 weeks post op which is apparently unusual - I'm just awkward!!) A year of twice daily massage & things are getting better!


Saw my lovely consultant last week & he's pleased with my progress. I have my annual mammogram in June so I'm going back to see him after that to plan my next surgery. He's planning on reducing & uplifting my other side & do some lipofilling to my reconstruction to improve the shape on one side. He thinks it will be September/October ish this year (depending on his waiting lists)


Anyone have any experience with either parts of the surgery?