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Sensitive skin after my diep construction in August 19


Re: Sensitive skin after my diep construction in August 19

Hi Vichop


Just read your post. I had a mastectomy and immediate DIEP in Nov 2017. I did find that the skin on my abdomen went through lots of different stages for quite a few weeks after the op, including feeling very tight in the evenings and looking mottled and patchy, marks would come and go for quite a long time afterwards which I assumed was part of the healing process. So if your skin feels  or looks a bit odd for a few months then I think that is normal and it may not be a reaction to a type of soap. The thing I have found most helpful and still use, is Bio Oil, which I apply to the whole of my abdomen as well as my breast, every day, it keeps the skin moist and seems to help the scars to fade. I previously had radiotherapy on my breast so I think the skin there is a bit more fragile. I have used normal shower gel since the scars healed and not had any problems. All the best with your recovery. Strawberry


Re: Sensitive skin after my diep construction in August 19

Hi annie

Thank you so much for your advice... Blimey no body told me about that lol so will take a look at Ditch the junk for sure... Thank you so much !!! 

It's a minefield isn't it and a train I didn't expect to be on but I'm on it... Im cancer free after my op but may need hormone therapy or possibly radiotherapy.. Just waiting to hear!!!

I how you are OK and sound like you have had a few hurdles to jump over too but you sound like a very strong woman too.... Smashing it!!!

🌹💪 Xx

Community Champion

Re: Sensitive skin after my diep construction in August 19

Hi Vichop, well done on getting through that lot! Do you know how brave and strong you are? 💪

My hospital gave me some Aveeno to use throughout my radiotherapy and advised me to get rid of all toiletries that were not paraban free. The skin dries out with both the chemo, and the rads, and the trauma of the operation isn’t helpful either. I haven’t had your op, but have gone through treatment, and have secondaries, so take two lots of meds which affect both the skin and hair. I would suggest you check your make up and toiletries and replace any that are not sulphate or paraban free. Unfortunately your skin will probably always need this extra care. Breast Cancer care has a great leaflet called ‘ Ditch the Junk’ which explains the ins and outs of cosmetics. Best wishes.💐🍀x




Sensitive skin after my diep construction in August 19

Good morning all!!

I am very new to this site and have only had my diagnosis back in June of this year and had my masectomy and diep reconstruction on 15th August 19 so I am still recovering and have noticed that the skin on my tummy has reacted to my usual shower gel. 

Can you advise if this is normal and what you suggest I use going forward and also will my skin always now be sensitive because I have never reacted to any product I've ever used before.. .. Lol!!!

I'd appreciate any advice you can give me..... Thank you.... Vicki x