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?Seroma after WLE and sentinel node biopsy


Re: ?Seroma after WLE and sentinel node biopsy

Yeah it definitely sounds like a seroma and unless it is causing any problems they tend to leave it and let it re absorb. X


?Seroma after WLE and sentinel node biopsy

Had the above last Thursday and breast so much more soft than when I had just WLE 2 years ago when I had a big haematoma which led to daily dressings for 6 weeks as it tracked to the surface. I was on warfarin at . the time which may not have helped. Anyway I'm rambling. Got home same day with very sore throat and my uvula the dangly bit at the back of my mouth is swollen and inflamed probably from the endotracheal tube.  GP has given me antibiotics today in case it's infected as well as damaged.Feeling much better today and blow me I now sploosh when my breast moves. I presume this is a seroma? I can do all the first week exercises and will ring my B Care Nurse anyway in the morning. Just wanted a wee moan I suppose.  Just worried after the problems last time. If you aren't too uncomfortable do they just leave it usually?