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Single wanted double


Re: Single wanted double

Hi chellou and Michelle

Chellou - Were you successful in your double plea??

Michelle - You didn't mention in you carry the genes? I know a lot of surgeons are that much more prepared to carry out double masts if you do. However, if you don't, I know certain surgeons do make special exceptions. My neighbour opted for a double 2014 and didn't have the gene either. She had to consistently push hard for it though, and had to undergo Psychological testing prior to, but was granted it in the end. It may be you'll have to find the right surgeon who's more open to it, perhaps.

Good Luck with it both of you




Re: Single wanted double

Hi, I totally understand your position. I am seeing my surgeon next week to discuss single mastectomy but I would feel so much better about the future if I  could have double mastectomy. I think it is highly unlikely that I  will get the go ahead but will let you know what surgeon says. Could  you  keep me updated on your situation?




Single wanted double

Hi everyone 

I was wondering if anyone has been successful in getting the double. When i first asked when i was told of the diagnosis, i was told i had to wait for the genetic testing as i have braca1 Gene in the close family. Then i can have the other removed. I'd rather get it done in one go, having a heart condition already and not wanting to have double recovery time. Can i push for it. I don't want to be cheeky but i also can't sleep with worry it will return in the other breast xx 

Thank you so much xx