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Re: Surgeon


I had a lumpectomy/mammoplasty last week & until half an hour before my surgery I had never met my surgeon. Through weeks of many tests/results I saw 3 different consultants which I found unsettling & if I am honest lost confidence in my MDT.  When I was informed when I would be having my operation I enquired who my surgeon would be & I was given his name but they weren't 100% sure it would be him. 

I understand that consultants are sometimes called away & it isn't always possible to see the same care team but a little continuity helps gain confidence in the people that you have to put your trust in.

Hope you are doing well BW P x



Re: Surgeon

Hi, just thought I'd reassure you with my experience. I, like you had a lumpectomy back in 2018 and I had the same experience as you. My first operation was completed by my surgeon, however, I had to have a second and on this occasion a different surgeon did the operation, no one explained why and it wasn't until I was having to sign the consent form I was introduced briefly to this other surgeon.

Like you, I felt a bit concerned and wasn't too happy that the surgery was being performed by someone I had just met, no one explained why she was doing the operation or seemed to understand that it might have made me even more nervous than I already was.


The good news though was that after the 2nd surgery every appointment has been with my original surgeon which gives you back that confidence. I hope you also have the same experience, not a 2nd operation obviously but all future appointments are with your original surgeon.


I really hope you are recovering well and will soon be told you are clear of this nasty disease. 


Take care x


Re: Surgeon

Thank you for your kind reply. I think it just seemed odd that in the 3+ hours I was in the breast clinic having scans and prep before surgery that a breast cancer nurse did not mention it was a different surgeon. My first operation was cancelled as the surgeon was off, so I waited 2x more weeks for the next op.

I emailed the breast nurses to ask about the dressing, as the surgeon in the 2x meetings had spoken of his use of a glue that is used rather than dressings. But I have dressings. The breast nurse emailed me and explained the 2x types of dressing, so she didn't know which one I had on from notes.

They went to so much trouble beforehand to explain everything, then on the day it was all different. I'm not stamping my feet, it just would have been good to know.

I will call the Macmillan office in the hospital to talk it over on Monday. I know I will feel better once I talk about it.

Thank you

Community Champion

Re: Surgeon

Hello @naturaljazz 

Sorry to hear you are feeling like you have not been treated very well, unfortunately not all medical professionals treat the patient and appreciate the effects on you. 
I started my breast cancer journey with having a core cut biopsy being performed in a way that was less than satisfactory, and I ended up submitting a complaint via the patient liaison service (all hospitals have one who you may wish to contact)

I suspect what happened is that one of your consultant’s team will have operated (my consultant told me at the start this may be the case so I was prepared). The surgeon who performed my surgery was a lovely lady and I was lucky as I was able to engage with her on the ward. I felt satisfied that I was in safe hands and that my surgery was a very common one she had done many times before (like you a lumpectomy and SNB). I don’t think that it is common for a surgeon to see you after this kind of procedure. 
I can very much relate to being told to expect something and things not following that script (my BCN said I would be able to go home no matter what time I returned to the ward, I got back at 8pm the first nurse I saw said I was staying in, the second (who’d also had breast cancer) was my guardian angel and got me discharged at 10.30pm!

When you return for your results you should see your original consultant who is in charge of your overall treatment, I would expect that your appointment letter will tell you this but sometimes it is just not possible for them to see you. 

Sending you lots of healing ❤️‍🩹 

AM xxx

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Re: Surgeon

Hi Naturaljazz

Sorry you had a poor experience....did your original surgeon go off sick maybe? Thats what happened to me....then I got the results from another surgeon over the phone ( in the depths of covid) ....I had never met her or spoken to her ..... the alternative tho would have been a longer wait for results which would have been unbearable for me.....they don't put dressings on breast surgery at my hospital....just steristrips ( on top of internal stitches) ....but if you were expecting something else I can see it would have been confusing for you .....I did have a visit from surgeon whilst in recovery to say all had gone as planned....hope the rest of your treatment goes well 



I had lumpectomy and biopsy of nodes (I think) on Monday. I thought I had met and discussed with the person who was going to do the surgery. It was cancelled for 8x days, then it happened on Monday. As my head has cleared I feel more surprised that the operation was carried out by a surgeon I met very briefly on the morning of the op. He didn't really speak to me, just signing consent. The surgeon I had met twice seemed very skilled and had a great manner. But he didn't do the actual operation. I have to go back next week for results, so now I wonder who I see then. 

I expected a waterproof dressing on my surgery area, I emailed the BC nurse team and they replied this evening that there are two types. So I've figured mine is a no-shower type. This has irked me a bit too, as the surgeon I had met only talked about a waterproof dressing. 

Does everyone get a random surgeon on the day? I never saw him after, so guess the operation went ok. Nobody came to see me after, I just left when I felt better.