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Surgery cancelled.


Re: Surgery cancelled.

How frustrating and upsetting ollybobs. I do hope the hospital can reorganise your operation swiftly. I didn’t have the experience of a delay but a couple of weeks after my initial operation I went for the results and discovered I needed further surgery. They asked me if I could go in the very next day which I did! I suppose I’m just trying to say that things can move very swiftly with regards to the surgeon’s lists and I hope this is the case for you. Best wishes x

Surgery cancelled.

Surgery all planned for Wednesday 25th July. Pre op planned for Monday 16th. Both appointments were perfect timing for me. Only to be told on Tuesday both have been cancelled. Surgeon is off sick. OK I know they can’t help being off sick but I was told to stop Tamoxifen 3 weeks before surgery which I did. So am now 10 days off Tamoxifen and no op date. Have spoken to a lovely lady who does all the Breast care op bookings. She has said surgeon is off for at least 2 weeks. If she’s off for longer they will look at me moving to another surgeon. I have asked to move to another surgeon to save any delay. Head surgeon has agreed to transfer, she was in theatre yesterday and agreed to look at all surgeons lists after theatre to see who is the best one for me to be transferred to. Now I have the weekend and have no way of knowing if anything has been arranged. I am just hoping it’s as near to 25th as possible with me stopping the Tamoxifen. Arrangements have been made for someone to be at home when discharged and holiday booked at end of recovery. What are the chances of surgery being around the same time?