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Swelling 5 weeks post op


Re: Swelling 5 weeks post op

Hi Mo


Thank you for your reply.


inhace left a message for the breast care nurse to call me tomorrow. I did have a blood test last week to check for an infection and it was clear. My discomfort remains the same. Hoping I will get some reassurance this week from my consultant.


louise x


Re: Swelling 5 weeks post op

Hi Louise, just chipping in as you've had no other replies. I had same surgery a few years ago and had a build up of fluid which got better on its own. I think the norm would be a gradual improvement, but sometimes mine felt worse after doing too much with the arm, over-doing exercises etc. If you feel unwell with it I guess there might be the chance of an infection starting up - I was given antibiotics as a precaution after the surgery. Hope you are feeling better but if not I'd suggest getting back to your BCN or calling 111 like she said. Take care, Mo xx


Swelling 5 weeks post op



i am 5 weeks post op from mastectomy and reconstruction using an implant. I have been getting a lot of swelling the last few days with soreness and discomfort. I had started to feel better last weekend and this has come on overnight. I was sent to a&e on

monday and told it was fluid build up. My breast care nurse told me to monitor it and to ring 111 if I got worse. I can’t go back and  sit in A&e for 4 hours. I don’t have a temperature or any redness, it does feel slightly warm with the pressure.  I’ve also been getting tenderness in my back. I’m really starting to feel like I’m getting rundown with this now and no one can tell me if it’s normal. I’ve been taking regular painkillers and they aren’t helping me. Any advice would be appreciated.


Louise xxxx