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Therapeutic Mammoplasty surgery - November 2020


Therapeutic Mammoplasty surgery - November 2020

Hi all,

First time posting, diagnosed with DCIS Sept '20 and was initially due to have Lumpectomy and SLNB last Tuesday, then my operation was cancelled when I arrived for the pre-op ultrasound and injection for the lymphs. They completed a biopsy of the lymph node instead, explaining that a further look at my MRI by my surgeon and radiologist, showed my nodes inflamed, which hadn't been picked up on before.

Biopsy results rushed through and met with my surgeon a few days later (Thursday) and biopsy results show nodes clear, however still wanting to complete a SLNB when I have surgery.

3 surgery options given and we have agreed to go ahead with a Therapeutic Mammoplasty (which I had never heard of until then) and surgery re-booked for tomorrow (Tuesday) so I've only had a few days to come to terms with everything.

I feel more positive having the TM rather than lumpectomy, mainly for vanity reasons. The latest MRI showed lump to be 47mm so to get a clear margin, I was concerned for a noticeable indentation and also where the scarring would be and be left looking rather odd - but obviously this was the least of my concerns, I would have had whatever surgery was necessary to be cancer free.

As I'm under 40 and single, the surgeon felt this the best option (in case he didn't get a clear margin and needed to operate again) would be to go ahead with a TM rather than lumpectomy, as the scarring would be under rather than across the top or down the side. Also, if he needs to operate again on that side, it gives him more options. Also, for me, I will (eventually, when the other side is matched) be left with smaller, but perkier breasts and minimal scarring and no indentations, etc.

Although the biopsy showed the lymph was clear, they still want to remove some during surgery for histology testing, just to be 100% they are all clear.

Until the results are back, I am unsure what further treatment I will have. I will have my other breast operated on to match in about 12 months time.

Anyone due similar surgery soon?

Thanks, Rach :-)x