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Todays Appointment with Surgeon


Re: Todays Appointment with Surgeon


I hope all goes well for you and your op in Feb. Do please keep us posted how you go on.

Corriefan (chucklin at your name - great one) - I'm a bit shocked at your being recommended Bi-lateral mast, then it being withdrawn. I don't know where you're up to with things at the moment, but with your genetic history, you'd be well within your rights to opt for or elect to have bi-lat masts, especially if it's your own desire.

If you're absolutely sure it's what you want, I'd delay everything until that's what you're offered.

I know someone for whom it wasn't genetic, but elected to have both mastectomies. Had to have a Psychi/ Psycho evaluation to ensure she was certain of her decision, but was avle to have it done.

Good luck to you, and please let us know how you go on.

Lotsa love, Delly xxxx


Re: Todays Appointment with Surgeon

Hi Flower Lady,


I have my appointment witht the surgeon tomorrow so I'm pleased to hear you feel better after it. I feel pretty positive too as I'm hoping I won't have to have further treatment after surgery (apart from nipple reconstruction).

Are you having one breast done or both? I only have cancer (DCIS) in one but was recommended bilateral mx due to family history. Since then though I have found out less relatives had breast cancer than I originally thought. Now it looks like the surgery team only want to do the one affected breast. I understand this but would really prefer to have both done together to eliminate this happening again.


At the moment that is the thing that is stressing me out the most! I was mentally prepared for both to be done together...

Flower Lady

Todays Appointment with Surgeon

Hello ladies


today was my appointment with the surgeon who will operate on my Breast at some point between now and 13/2. I feel very positive and just want it dealt with so I can move on.


i did think I would be daverstated but I feel a great weight has been lifted no I know what will happen going forward.I have the same cancer in my breast that my sister ad in 2013. She has made a good recovery. So I hope I will to.


i am expecting to have black days but I will try my very best not to.


kind regards