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? rib and abdominal cording

Fairy Dust

Re: ? rib and abdominal cording

If it is cording, I got a short piece under my arm about 3 weeks after my SNB. I researched it and it's supposed to be the lymph channels and the fluid sort of coagulating (apparently lymph fluid doesn't actually coagulate though) in them. The information recommended gently manipulating it, with the idea of moving the blockage and getting the fluid moving and even warming (not heating) the area to relieve any pain. I gently/carefully stretched it with my other hand and fingers for a few days and it seems to have gone now. 


It may be worth ringing the nurses on here for some professional advice. Hope you get answers and get it sorted H. xxx


? rib and abdominal cording


I had mastectomy at the end of March and have developed pain over ribs from incision and down side of abdomen, it is very painful and has the appearance of cording that normally occurs in the armpit I have seen the BCN and she said it was not connected to the surgery, although I only have the problem on the one side, she advised me to see GP - GP not sure what it is, has anyone had this problem ? if so how was it treated unfortunately it is getting worse.