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Article about moving on


Re: Article about moving on

My thanks to JayBro for posting this article.  It is just what I have been looking for.


I am reaching the 5 year anniversary of my original diagnosis.  This article gives me something to think about and work on.  I would also like to know where I am in terms of a treatment plan - should I expect to be called back for a five year or final review after my 5th mammogram?  Or will the system simply spit me out without further comment or assessment?

Community Manager

Re: Article about moving on

Hi @Jaybro 


Thanks so much for flagging this. You are more than welcome to post this in the Moving Forward section of the Forum, maybe in 'Coping with fear and anxiety' or 'Living with breast cancer'. Hopefully it will be read by people who will really appreciate you sharing it. We appreciated your feedback on an area for useful links and will feed that back to the team.

Take care

Laura at Breast Cancer Now


Article about moving on

I recently stumbled across a brilliant article by Dr Peter Harvey about life after treatment. 



The link had been provided by a nurse in a reply to a post. A lot of people have said how good the article is, yet they’d never have known it existed had I not reposted the link.


Is there a catalogue of useful articles that I’m unaware of? If there isn’t, is there a way this article could be flagged up or pinned for all of us who are ending or have finished treatment. It is spot on and so reassuring.