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Blood markers

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Re: Blood markers


Hi VicJ


Thank you for your post. 


If you would like to speak to one of our clinical nurses, you can call them free on 0808 800 6000, 9am-4pm on Mondays to Fridays and 8am-1pm on Saturdays.


Alternatively, if you post this in the Ask our Nurses section, they can answer you there.


You might also find that posting this in a different area of the Forum, such as the treatment board, will be seen by more users as this area is typically for Moderators.


I hope this helps.


Best wishes


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Blood markers

Hi everyone 

Looking for someone with experience in blood markers please. It’s 6 years since bc and mastectomy, followed by prophylactic mastectomy a year later. All was well (and I was remotely sane) but this week I went to see my onco because I have a pain in my arm that comes and goes. She didn’t think it was an issue as pain wasn’t consistent but decided to run some blood tests (I think to calm me down). Unfortunately the CA 15-3 marker cam back high. She said normal levels are <32 but mine was 38 (having been tested at 15 in 2015). I am now being sent for CT scan. While I know Google is NOT our friend, I checked and some onco’s don’t even test for blood markers as they claim they are not accurate while other sites say it’s a sign of mets. Would appreciate to hear from anyone with any wisdom on this topic, good or bad. The not knowing is driving me insane (I so thought I was past all this) and I have another 10 days at least to fret. Thank you xx