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Impaired health travel insurance


Impaired health travel insurance



I am doing some research for an insurance company and wanted to know about people’s experiences trying to get travel insurance with a recent or existing medical issue such as breast cancer. 


We think that people struggle because they either disclose this information and then get asked numerous questions such as which drugs they have taken or details about procedures and these are quite invasive and even after a lengthy process often get refused or get prohibitively expensive quotes.  We think there is a market for a product that would offer normal travel insurance including medical cover but specifically exclude anything to do with a declared medical condition. After all you (or the person wishing to travel) will know more about their particular situation than the travel company or the insurer can find out in a survey and if they feel well enough and have advice that they are able to travel then that should be good enough!


Is this of interest? Would anyone be willing to contact me to help give their experience?


Kind regards,