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Request to post about online mental health programs


Request to post about online mental health programs

​Dear Moderators, 

I am part of a team of cancer researchers and psychologists at Monash University (Melbourne, Australia) running free online mental health programs for those who have finished their primary cancer treatment. Our online programs focus on developing skills to cope more effectively with difficult emotions - which we know don't simply stop when treatment comes to an end!​ Our programs aim to inform research on how to best support individuals after primary treatment. 

I am hoping to post about our programs on this forum and, of course, I would like to receive moderator approval first. 

The links that I plan to post are as followed: 

Please let me know if you like me to send through more information about our programs/research. We are more than happy to chat with you and answer any questions you have!

Best wishes,

Isabelle (from The CanCope Study team) ​
Ph: +61 404 353 956