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Re: reccurence

Hi Mandy ,you could post this in the hormone therapy section of the forum - there is always discussion about this issue as many people find hormone therapy tough going - very difficult and very individual both in the impact it has in your quality of life and the possible benefit .I had to come off hormone therapy for medical reasons and this does make me uneasy at times although I was seen a pretty low risk given the size grade and stage of my cancer .I will post you a link to hormone therapy section .Best wishes Jill x https://forum.breastcancernow.org/t5/Hormone-therapy/bd-p/4438




I November last year I found a lump in my right breast, it was 22cm, grade 3 but not in lymph.

I had a mastectomy 1 week before my 50 birthday, and my oncotype score was 14, so no chemo, on tamoxifen.

Has anybody had a recurrence if the original cancer has not spread to lymph nodes.

Also reading bits on tamoxifen, chances are slim it will not come back in 5 years, but more of chance 15 years down the line.

symptoms are not great struggling to take and sometimes do not see benefit..

Sorry if this sounds negative, I am a nurse practitioner so I would tell my patients to take it.

but am struggling my self 


thanks mandy