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Re: seromas

Hi Trishjune

I soo hope you've had your seroma drained by now.

I'm somewhat late reading your post. I had them following both my mastectomies, both appeared approx a week later. Need to be drained, as otherwise they can delay healing in the tissues beneath. But, yes, they can resolve themselves, but that can be a long time eventually! xxx

Community Manager

Re: seromas

Hi Trishjune,


Thank you for your post and we're sorry to read that you're experiencing these seromas. For further information on this, you can speak to our clinical nurses for free on 0808 800 6000. They are available between 9am-4pm on Mondays to Fridays and 9am-1pm on Saturdays. 


Sending you our best wishes,


Digital Community Assistant

Re: seromas

Thank you. That's encouraging. I have had it drained by the BCN 3 times now; four weeks after the op. Hopefully this will get less and less.

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Re: seromas



I had a seroma following my bc surgery, it felt like I had a golf ball under my arm.  When I spoke to my breast care nurse about it, she asked if it was bearable to which I replied yes, as they like, where possible, to let it disperse on its own.  You can have it drained if it is causing you a problem.  If you are concerned I would give your breast care nurse a call and discuss it with you, she might ask you to come in so that she can have a look at it.


Mine started dispersing a couple of weeks after surgery and was completely gone 6 weeks later.


Hope this has been of help



Hi. I would like to chat to anyone who has the above problem. I have one and am getting frustrated about the lack on information about it. Any help gratefully received.