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Increased tumor markers


Re: Increased tumor markers

Hi Rasa

This might be a question for the nurses. I am given my blood marker (Ca1530 and tumour marker (CEA) and, for various reasons, they are the key indicator of what is happening to me. I wasn’t given my markers during my primary treatment so I’m not sure what you are asking. Although they are different numbers, both seem to fluctuate in the same way. There had been a steady rise (after a dramatic fall and period of stability) but my most recent readings show another drop which I hope is a sign that my chemo is fighting back again.

I don’t think that really answers your question but, if you don’t feel you can ask your own breast care nurse, the team of nurses here should have the answer. You can either write it in the Ask Our Nurses forum or you can ring the helpline above. I’ve used it several times and they have always been excellent.

All the best xx


Increased tumor markers

Hi there,Is there anyone who has the experience of increasing all tumor markers together? Please answer, I am very worried🙏